– Ein del av Hardanger og Voss museum

– A part of Hardanger and Voss museum

About hardingfela.no

A cooperation between many parties

Hardingfela.no focuses on the Hardanger fiddle as an instrument, and the music, dance, environment, and history associated with the instrument.  In-depth preparatory studies over the course of several years led to a cooperation agreement between Ole Bull Akademiet and Hardanger and Voss Museum in 2016 on running the initiative hardingfela.no together.
Local folk music and dance associations, municipal culture schools and other resources have played an important role in the initiative, and hardingfela.no is gaining an increasing number of partners.
The main aims of the project are:

– to provide the Hardanger fiddle community with good opportunities for growth.

– increase interest in and understanding for the Hardanger fiddle, folk music and dance locally, regionally and nationally, and bringing traditional music and dance to international audiences.

– to ensure that traditions and knowledge of instrument making, music and dance gained through experience are documented and passed on.

Commencing in 2017, hardingfela.no has received funding from Hordaland County Authority. Ole Bull Akademiet and Hardanger and Voss Museum also provide funding, and also contribute significantly in terms of personnel.
The hardingfela.no council meets twice a year and consists of representatives from:
* The folk music associations Hardanger Spelemannslag, Voss Spelemannslag and Hordaland Folkemusikklag.
* The youth association Hordaland Ungdomslag, Hordaland County Authority, Ole Bull Akademiet and Hardanger and Voss Museum.