Cultural heritage for small children

Nøringen is a unique municipal culture school programme for children aged four to six, which started in autumn 2018. The programme is run in all seven Hardanger municipalities and in Voss. The theme is cultural heritage, with a focus on traditional music and dance. The children will learn local songs, learn to dance a little, learn about exciting folk music instruments, and experience the cultural heritage of their municipality. Each group has two teachers and up to 12 children.

The programme is a cooperation between the municipal culture schools in Hardanger and Voss, and the folk associations Hardanger Spelemannslag, Voss Spelemannslag, Kvemmingen spel – og dansarlag, and hardingfela.no.

Nøringen is sponsored by the Arts Council Norway, FolkOrg/Dextra Musica, the Norwegian Centre for Traditional Music and Dance, Hardanger kulturråd, the municipalities of Hardanger and Voss municipality.

All photos by Ingerid Jordal

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